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Friday, March 07, 2014

Russians And FEMA Camps In Alaska? (Video)

By Susan Duclos - Originally posted at Before It's News

After listening to the video below by Gabor Zolna, one is left thinking what the hell? 

After discussing Executive order 11921, signed by Barack Obama and the ramifications of the wording, such as Congress not being allowed to review Obama's actions for six months, he asks if Congress ceases to exist during martial law, but then he gets to his headlined bombshell, which are camps in Alaska that sound a whole lot like the much-talked about FEMA camps.

According to Mr. Zolna and Freedom Outpost one such camp has the ability to hold up to 2 million people and another would hold 500,000. Then he discusses reports of "foreigners" in Alaska, which he wonders if they are Russians.

Note that we already have reports of Russians in DC, multiple reports, which I will show from a previous piece in the second video below.

Zolna's question in his title is quite astute as he asks "Is Alaska the staging area for Obama's Blue Shirts?

The second video can be seen at Before It's News