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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

'Police Brutality On My Family' From Dekalb County Sheriffs Department (Disturbing Video)

By Susan Duclos

At the beginning of the video below, titled "Dekalb County Sheriffs Department Police Brutality On my Family," the video camera is running as police pound on the door of this family, as the family calls 911  asking for a supervisor to come because they were scared of the aggressiveness of the police outside their door.

20-25 minutes later the supervisor still had not arrived, so the family decided to open the door.

After they opened the door and the police stormed in, the camera goes dark, but unbeknownst to the Dekalb County Sheriffs Department officers, the audio is still running.

The police id have an arrest warrant for the mother, did not tell them why they were there when asked, nor when they handcuffed the family members.

From the YoutTube video description of what can be seen and heard on the video below:

"My brother, mother and myself all went to the door and let the sheriffs know that we were going to open the door and come out.

My mother opens the door and steps out and says "I'm a Christian woman don't hurt my family" she was immediately hand cuffed.

The remainder of the sheriffs then entered my house and attacked me and my brother. One of the sheriffs drew a weapon and struck me with it on the head.

As I am laying facedown on the floor I am repeatedly kicked in the head and back and one of the sheriffs stood on my head with both feet.

The other sheriffs at this point are attacking my brother and threatening to Taser him if he says anything else.

It this point both myself and my brother are both pleading with the sheriffs to stop and asking why are we being handcuffed.

The sheriffs that entered my house entered illegally, I found out after they left from a family friend that they were here on an arrest warrant for my mother.

If that is the reason they were here, once they arrested my mother when she was outside, they had no reason to enter my home.

They did not have a search warrant.

When Sargent Magee was asked by a family friend why this happened he responded "we did this because they made a scene filming us."

Watch the video below and determine for yourself whether the actions of the police were appropriate or over-the-top and abusive, as the person recording it and who wrote the description claims.

The Atlanta Independent Media Center has a little more about the history of prior DeKalb police antics.