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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gallup Has Romney Up On Obama By 7 Again- Five Days of 6 and 7 pt Lead for Romney

By Susan Duclos

Out of the last five daily tracking polls among likely voters, Romney has held a six point lead over Obama for three of them and a seven point lead with two.

Liberals have gone nuts over Gallup's numbers since they moved to the likely voter model, which most all polling organizations move to when an election draws near because it is more predictive of the actual election outcome, but Gallup Editor in Chief Frank Newport maintains that the company's methodology is "extremely solid."

Via Twitchy and Politico, liberal  commentator Bob Beckel said Thursday on Fox News that “it is over” for  Barack Obama if a new poll that has the president trailing GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is accurate.

 Here is Gallup's accuracy record for presidential elections, going back to 1936.

Here is Gallup's accuracy record for midterm congressional elections, going back to 1950.

Decide for yourself whether Gallup is representative and predictive of actual outcomes.