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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Impeach Obama Protests Go Viral (Video Interview With Founder)

By Susan Duclos

 GiGi Erneta, at Inforwars Nightly News,  interviews  James Neighbors, who founded the effort, which creaated an Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment movement in all 50 states.

Erneta asks Neighbors about the effort, how it started and his answer is something each and every American should hear, far and wide.

"It was just time for America to stop being complacent," said Neighbors. He was tired of waiting for someone else to show and fix the problems in this country. So, he decided to "be that guy," start something. He created a Facebook page and it exploded.

Here is the most important part though, he says he didn't want to be some lone crazy guy with a Facebook page, but then amazingly, the whole effort took off, grew and has now gone viral.

The lesson this one man can teach everyone, is- The MSM and government counts on concerned citizens being too scared of being labeled crazy, to speak up, ask the questions, make the points or start movements like this that can been seen across the country.

What everyone should learn from Mr. Neighbors is that in order to force changes, ordinary people need to get over their paralyzing fear of being labeled....... and grow a pair.

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