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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nevada Group Going After Baghdad Reid

Thanks for the email goes to the new website Oppose

TIP: Nevada Group Urges John Ensign to Oppose Harry Reid

Carson City, NV – A new Nevada based group of activists are organizing a political action committee with the intent of officially opposing Senator Harry Reid. The group, naming itself "Americans to Oppose Harry Reid", is kicking off its campaign by urging Senator John Ensign to end his silence in regards to Harry Reid and formally oppose his recent comments on the war in Iraq.

The Oppose Reid project ( is gearing up for an aggressive campaign to put pressure on Harry Reid. The group is planning protests in both Nevada and Washington, DC, wide scale petitions, internet activism campaigns, and is offering a plethora of bumper stickers and other products aimed at generating awareness regarding the disdain for Harry Reid in Nevada.

Organization director Eric Odom said the effort was long overdue. "Harry Reid has been an embarrassment to Nevadans for some time now. Every time he opens his mouth I cringe at the thought of what might come out. It's clear that many Nevadans feel the same way and are ready for action."

The group launched its website on Tuesday, May 1st, and since then has been contacted by hundreds of Americans interested in joining the effort. Odom says he's been contacted by a dozen members of the US military who wish to begin writing for the site soon. One soldier, who just returned from Iraq, is even looking at putting together videos for the group to use in its internet campaigns.

The first of these campaigns is a petition aimed at urging Senator John Ensign to oppose Harry Reid's reckless comments on the war in Iraq.

Odom is joined by Jay Lesseig of Sparks, a former Marine who served in Desert Storm, and Don Alexander, an activist out of Carson City.

[Update] Here is the petition from the oppose Baghdad Reid site:

NOTE: You DO NOT need to be a Nevada resident to sign this letter. We encourage ALL Americans to get involved in letting John Ensign know we mean business. However, we do ask that you specify your state so that we can show the Senator that Nevada voters are indeed on board.

To: John Ensign, U.S. Senator

During the past year Nevada Senator Harry Reid has become a complete embarrassment to Nevada. Harry Reid’s words have emboldened our enemies. Those who wish to destroy us now see that our elected leadership is not willing to stop them from accomplishing their goals to wipe out our way of life.

From telling Del Sol High School students that our President is a loser, to corrupt land deals, to waving the white flag of surrender by proclaiming the war in Iraq as a lost cause, Senator Reid has made it clear where he stands.

This in turn makes it unclear as to where you stand.

Senator Ensign, you were elected by the people of Nevada to represent the people of Nevada. Your Oath is to your constituents, not Harry Reid. Your recent silence, however, suggests that you find it more important to support Harry Reid than it is to listen to the will of those who have supported you.

We understand that you have a “gentleman’s agreement” with Senator Harry Reid. This agreement is nothing more than a political ploy to make future elections easier on both of you.

We find this to be completely unacceptable. We the people now call on you to abandon your agreement with Harry Reid and stand for what’s right. America needs leadership in a time of war. It is our desire to see our Senator provide it.

Please immediately cease to remain silent on the appalling acts of Senator Harry Reid.



[End Update]

PART #2- Video from the Global Defense Group can be found here and show the lies of Harry (Baghdad) Reid


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