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Friday, May 18, 2007

Progress on Iraq funding bill stymied

Quit screwing around and get out troops their funds.

Enough is Enough.

In a closed-door meeting with Bush's top aides on Capitol Hill, Democrats said they'd strip billions of dollars in domestic spending out of a war spending that Bush opposed if the president would accept a timetable to pull combat troops out of Iraq. As part of the deal, Democrats said they would allow the president to waive compliance with a deadline for troop withdrawals.

But no deal was struck.

"To say I was disappointed in the meeting is an understatement," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. "I really did expect that the president would accept some accountability for what we're trying to accomplish here."

White House chief of staff Joshua Bolten, who rejected the deal, said any timetable on the war would undermine the nation's efforts in Iraq.

"We consider that to be not a significant distinction," he said. "Whether waivable or not, timelines send the wrong signal."

Telegraphing our intentions to our enemies is not what I would call a good idea.

When playing poker, do you show your opponents your cards before everyone bets?

This not only shows that the Democrats just don't "get it" it also shows why they are rarely trusted with National Security and it is games like this that has caused approval ratings for congress to drop to 29%, which is below Bush's.

QUIT PLAYING GAMES and get our troops the funds they need.