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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Wife Kills, Then 'Boils Husband In Pressure Cooker' (Video)

By Susan Duclos

A woman in Lu'an City, China turned herself into police after she drugged and tortured her husband for three days in June, then proceeded to dismember his body with a saw and boil it up in a pressure cooker to cover her tracks.

Evidently she couldn't deal with the "psychological stress" of what she did, which is why she turned herself in for the crime.

This story is reminiscent of one from 2012, where a U.S. chef, David Viens, from Los Angeles, claims he accidentally killed his wife, then put her body in a drum of boiling water. He was quoted at the time as saying "I just slowly cooked it and I ended up cooking her for four days."

His statements in court said he mixed the remains with other waste and dumped it in a grease pit at his restaurant. It was also reported that he threw away the rest of her remains with the rubbish, keeping only his wife's skull which he hid in his mother's attic.

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