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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Texas Teachers Arm, Train And Prepare

By Susan Duclos

While Barack Obama and Democratic lawmakers attempt to make a gun and ammunition grab from law abiding gun owners, Texas teachers and school administrators are literally lining up to take gun training classes.

LoneStar Handgun offered a 10 hour free course which covered basic gun safety, marksmanship and how to deal with a self defense situation, for teachers and school administrators. 400 spots were initially available, and within 24 hours each slot was filled and there is a waiting list.

Middle school teacher Kim Williams traveled from Houston to cash in on Saturday's free concealed handgun licensing course offered to educators after the mass shootings at a Connecticut elementary.
“I feel the need to be proactive,” Williams, 38, said during a break in the 10-hour class at LoneStar Handgun.

“I'm entrusted to the care and safety of over 100 students. I want to be prepared, if and when things go that way,” said the long-time employee of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.
After After 1-6-13, Lonestar Gun offers a $100 price reduction for teachers. If you look at their site, most of their classes are already listed as "Full."

After the senseless massacre of 20 children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Connecticut, there has been a lot of blather about gun control, but teachers in Texas, are not the only ones that would rather have the means, knowledge and weapon to protect the children in their care, unlike the teachers at Sandy Hook who bravely threw their unarmed bodies in the line of fire to protect their students.

Sandy Hook Elementary was touted as a gun free zone, so only the shooter was carrying weapons.

Recent reports from Salt Lake City, Utah show that more than 150 teachers and school workers started attending gun classes.

In Ohio the headline says "Scores of school workers want gun training."

Lawmakers and/or law enforcement in Arizona, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Florida, just to name a few, want armed protection for their school children.