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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Questions From A Liberal Gun Rights Supporter For Gun Control Advocates

By Susan Duclos

I am a link freak, I admit it.. I see a link and I am clicking it before I even think about it. In doing so, I just ran across a well thought out piece, written by a liberal, who happens to also be a gun rights supporter. After reading the long, detailed piece, I made it to the end "summary" which poses questions to gun control advocates and they are some of the best questions and points I have seen made in the whole second amendment discussion going on today.

If gun control advocates want to actually have meaningful discussion and debate about the “assault weapon” and “high capacity” ban, they MUST address these questions:
- Why ban cosmetic features?
- Why ban guns used in a mere 2% of crime?
- Why base gun control legislation on rare and statistically insignificant mass shootings to begin with?
- Why ban magazines that have been consistently sized since their invention?
- How would banning these magazines have saved lives, given that all a shooter needs is multiple magazines and 3 seconds of time (i.e. Cho)?
- How will a ban on either these weapons or magazines reduce crime, since there are many millions of them legal and available anyway, especially since production has ramped up after the ban’s expiration?
And most importantly:
After a decade of failure, why assume that the bans will reduce violent crime THIS time around?

Read the entire piece over at  Kontradictions


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