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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

It Begins- Democratic Lawmaker Calls For Confiscating Guns: Are Libs Prepared For Civil War?

By Susan Duclos

Via The Daily Caller:

In an interview with the Daily Times Herald in Caroll, Iowa, state Rep. Dan Muhlbauer said governments should start confiscating semi-automatic rifles and other firearms.

Muhlbauer, a Democrat from the western Iowa town of Manilla, is a cattleman and farmer. The newspaper reported that he owns a .410 shotgun, a .22 rifle and a .22 pistol.

“We cannot have big guns out here as far as the big guns that are out here, the semi-automatics and all of them,” Muhlbauer told the newspaper during a December 19 audiotaped interview. “We can’t have those running around out here. Those are not hunting weapons.”

Gun confiscation has been tried before, with tragic results as the Examiner reminds readers:

Gun bans and confiscation are well-known as a precursor to government imposed tyranny and oppression all across the world. Prior to sending 7 million Jews to their deaths in the 1930s and 40s, Adolf Hitler outlawed guns and confiscated them. Prior to the Soviet scourge of Joseph Stalin that sent 27 million Russians to their deaths, Stalin enacted a complete gun ban and confiscated them from those who had them. And when Chairman Mao came to power in the Communist takeover of China, one of the first things he did was ban guns and confiscate them from citizens, leaving them powerless to fight for their lives when the government thugs came to slaughter them.

70 million Chinese citizens were murdered in cold blood by Chairman Mao.

Known gun rights activist and citizen investigative journalist Mike Vanderboegh offers his contribution to this serious discussion:

My contribution to this "serious discussion" is this question that I would like the antis to answer up front: What do they intend to do with the millions of us "bitter clingers" who will disobey any more such laws? If they pass the "gunshow loopjole" bill, we will simply host out own without background checks and defy the federal government to do anything about it. If they ban large-capacity, I can guarantee you that they will soon be turned out by the million in thousands of metal-working shops around the county. (Didn't anyone learn anything about Prohibition?) If they "ban" military-pattern semi-auto rifles, the same thing will happen. The only thing is, that if you make the punishment for possession of a previously-legal semi-automatic rifle (that he can no longer legally obtain) a felony, isn't that incentivizing the home gun maker to turn out small, concealable machine guns? You will have already made him a felon. What then does he have to lose?
So I'd like the antis to answer up front before their "serious discussion" -- How many of us are they willing to kill to achieve their avowed purpose? A hundred thousand? A million? Two? Ten?
You may pass a law, but how will you enforce it? And, again, how many of us "bitter clingers" are you willing to kill in the process of this civil war you propose?

Others warn of the same thing... if Democrats want to start a civil war over this issue, then they had better be prepared for the level of resistance legal gun owners will put up in defense of their second amendment rights.

Here is a very serious question for this very serious discussion: If Democrats succeed in starting their war against law abiding gun owners, who would you rather on your side, someone armed to the teeth, trained and prepared---  or someone with a little gun that hold little ammunition?

Now seems to be a good time to remind readers of Gun Appreciation Day: January 19, 2013.

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