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Monday, November 02, 2009

Dede and the Republican Party

We can argue all day about the issue of Scozzy Bear, (thanx eric), turning on her own party.

The true question is, where is the Republican party going to put this in their options for winning elections? Here is what I saw so far.

Dede Scozzy Bear, made her position clear by supporting the Democrat.

Before the downfall, or running away of said Dede, Newt Gingrich supported her, as did the GOP. Now, almost as fast as lemmings jump into the void, they tossed her under the bus too!

There were only a few, as I understand, that supported Doug Hoffman. Sarah Palin being one, and Tim Pawlenty. (and a few hundred thousand Tea Partiers) A few..

So, is the Republican Party supporting Hoffman because they actually see us? Or just another CYA act? I see the latter, otherwise they would not have been in bed with Dede in the first place!

We really do not need, or want to go into 2010, without Republican support. But I'll be damned, if I vote for one, who does not believe, and support how the founders set this Country up for us.

So, having said that, we really do not need, or want a 3rd party! No future. Just get back to the basic ideals of American values, family, fiscal resposibility, smaller Government, and free enterprise. Then, we shall back you. Till then, we shall buck you!

Here are some of the RINOs. Add more at your discretion. Does not matter whether they are a Congressperson, Representative, or your home town Mayor. Call them out!

Also a list of semi-RINOs. The ones who believe, but cross aisles to make friends, and further their political interests. First on that list, and I voted for him, Senator John McCain. Newt Gingrich, you are there also. I am close to saying Michael Steele. I shall wait for further evidence.

Someone start a list of responsible Republicans that share the Conservative values. There the two shall meet. Sarah Palin is at the top of my first draft. As is Tim Pawlenty, and Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee.

Weird name, excellent background! The Tea Party!