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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Someone IS Dumber Than Reid?

Reid Hires A Dummy

I wasn't going to post this but I feel compelled. It goes to show the world how DUMB some in the Halls of CONgress are. And Reid, the dumbest of all and the owner of the LOWEST approval rating of a CONgress Critter in the history of our nation, has hired someone dumber than he is. Hard to believe? Check this out. I won't point out the dumb "thing". If you spot it, place it in the comments section.

The Buck Stops Here
The Politico reports on some back and forth between Senate Republicans and Democrats over lobbying and ethics legislation:

[Sen. Jim] DeMint [R., S.C.] says he supports the lobbying reform provisions in the package. But he isn't likely to budge until he gets a promise from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that the new Senate rules on earmarks won't be watered down or deleted from the final bill.

The earmark provision is a change in Senate rules, which DeMint argues shouldn't be part of any conference committee with the House.

"The House has no reason to tinker with Senate rules," said Wesley Denton, DeMint's spokesman. "The only reason to want to put them in conference is because they intend to change them."

Jim Manley, Reid's spokesman, calls those assertions "phony as a two-dollar bill."

Give Reid credit. Not many employers would give such a big break to a Taco Bell clerk.