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Monday, July 02, 2007

Random Thoughts

I told Gary, someone who comments from time to time on our site, that I would sit down this weekend and put together my thoughts on a few things. While not specifically addressing the subject of the United Nations, I think that my thoughts on THAT subject have been thoroughly addressed in the running dialogue we had at the close of last week.

That being said, here are the random thoughts that I have had on my mind as of late, composed over the course of the past couple of days, along with a companion piece I wrote a few years ago called Thought and Modern Man.

If nothing else, I hope that these two pieces inspire thought...


Global Jihad

I suppose it's no secret now, except maybe to the extreme left in this country, that Radical Islam has declared war on the West. It boggles my mind how that the left can look at what is being said, HEAR what is being said, see what is being done, and refuse to acknowledge that our way of life is under attack. With two attacks on the World Trade Center, one which completely and utterly destroyed it, they stick their heads in the sand and pretend that it will all just go away if we stop our operations in the Middle East and come home. Do they honestly believe that those who wish to see us DEAD or subjected will stop just because we withdraw our troops? The stated GOAL of these people is to see the United States and Israel FALL. Are they so used to lying that they think everyone does it? Are they so blind to the fact that the stated GOAL of the Jihad is global Islam? Or is this what they want, hoping that there will be some sort of "special place for them" for their help in making this happen? Makes you wonder. I can't get over some of our retired generals with their criticisms of our involvements, our operations that ARE WORKING in securing the area; where are the Patton's, the Eisenhower's, the Bradley's of our time? Where is Stormin' Norman? Where ARE our heroes?

Superman where are you now?

We need heroes. We need someone to believe in, someone to look up to, someone to give us hope. Humankind is geared to a belief in something stronger than ourselves, something bigger, something more than what we are as individuals. Our own awareness of our mortality lends us to a belief in something bigger than mankind, something supernatural, something "beyond the strength of mortal man." Many people turn to religions for this, others turn to friends, some to individuals in the media. Unfortunately, we seem to be choosing the wrong people as the focus of our attentions...

Paris and Lindsey who?

I can't begin to tell you how SICK I am of hearing about Paris Hilton. WHAT has she done that has been in ANY way productive to society? Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, I feel the same way about them. Britney Spears goes off the deep end, shaves her head, gets locked up in rehab, and she's praised for it? WHAT is WRONG with people that THIS is what we look to as "role models?" I certainly hope my OWN daughter doesn't try to emulate these "ladies." I hope she wants better for herself than infamy, because in my mind, to call this "being famous" is a horrible concept. Pacman Jones, don't think you've escaped my eye either just because you're not female. Your behavior has been appalling, disgusting, and out of control. You've yet to behave like a man.

The "Fairness Doctrine"

When a liberal complains "it isn't fair," you can rest assured that they've been defeated and are whining about how it was done. This is especially true concerning the radio waves. Air America failed miserably. No ammount of money that George Soros has pumped into it has helped. Why? The people who listen to talk radio don't WANT liberal hosts to listen to. They want to hear conservative talk hosts. Market after market has shown this over and over again. Larry King's radio show? History. Al Franken? Crash and burn. Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy? All thriving with growing audiences. What does this say about what people want to hear? I think it's obvious, personally. To institute the "fairness doctrine" would be completely and totally unfair to the American public, forcing them to endure periods where they would be turning OFF their radios and not listening rather than being force fed something they don't want to hear. As a talk radio listener myself, I know that the minute I hear that tripe come on I'm changing stations or slipping in a CD.

Double Standards

George W. Bush is under fire for the firing of a number of U.S. Attorney's. The Democratic controlled Congress is issuing subpeonas and demanding investigations. Where were they when Janet Reno fired EVERY U.S. Attorney during Bill Clinton's presidency? Where was the outrage? Where were the demands for explanations? Look back at things over the past few decades. The backbiting and posturing of BOTH sides of the aisle is unbelievable. "I can do such and such, but we're not letting you get by with it, no sir, no way, no HOW." It amazes me how that politicians are so willing to point fingers and accuse each other of wrong doing, only to act shocked and amazed when their own dirty laundry is aired. And the public is so willing to IGNORE wrong doing, depending on who the culprit is. Hillary Clinton is probably one of the most scandelized Senators to have ever been sworn into office. She flipflops constantly, she has no shame in changing her story to suit the moment, and she's applauded as being "brilliant." The only thing I see "brilliant" about Mrs. Clinton is her ability to lie through her teeth and point the finger of blame at others while she's as guilty as sin of the same and worse. This is the norm for several members of our government, Hillary Clinton is the main one that comes to mind at this writing, especially given her obviously Marxist leanings...

The Common Good

What, exactly, is the "common good?" According to Hillary Clinton, it means equalizing things to the point where the rich are no longer rich and the poor have more money. Think I'm wrong? Go find some of her statements. Go find some of her speeches. Listen to her when she speaks. "It takes a village?" It takes a family, not the entire neighborhood. If I caught a neighbor punishing my child for something rather than letting me know that they had done something, there would be HELL to pay. "The common good" is a way of pressing for more tax money from YOUR paycheck. More of YOUR money being put into public coffers for more public programs run by the government which will waste more of YOUR money. How much more money can you stand to pay in in taxes? Look at your paystub sometime. Look at how much you are actually paid as compared to how much you bring home after taxes. Then take a look at how much you pay in sales taxes. Fuel taxes. Property taxes. Wheel taxes. Can you think of anything else they
can tax you for? They can...

Doing the work of the people

Why do we send people into government in the first place? To make laws, to do what we need them to do for us. What exactly is that, anyway? Do we NEED more laws? How many laws do we already have, anyway? Does anyone know? Why do we constantly need to have new laws passed? I'll confess that from time to time things come up that do need handling, yes, but to constantly bombard us with new laws? Is this freedom? Is this the "will of the people?" Just this last week the people had to FIGHT their senators to make them shoot down a piece of bad legislation, this illegal amnesty bill that was being pushed through. I'll refer you back to talk radio for this one, because talk radio made the public aware of it, along with the internet, via blog sites like ours. The dinosaur media didn't report on it, not in any detail. Now ask yourself this; how much other bad legislation has been passed that you don't know about? How many
CONTRADICTORY laws have been passed? How many that are direct violations of the Constitution? I'll give you a little hint, every law restricting gun ownership by private law abiding citizens could be taken as being unconstitutional. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that allows for an income tax. The overWHELMING reach of the federal goverment is in direct violation of the Constitution. So what can we, as citizens, do about it?

Taking a stand

The first thing individual citizens can do to retake control of their government, OUR government, is to STOP being ignorant of what our government is doing. STOP relying on the nightly news and the daily newspaper to keep you informed. STOP paying MORE attention to Paris, Lindsey, Jessica, Pacman and the rest instead of what's going on at your city council or county commission. Do you KNOW who your city council and county commission members are? The running of this country belongs to US, the citizens. It's time we the people ran our government again.

Who is John Galt?

Ayn Rand created this catch phrase in her novel, Atlas Shrugged. The character, John Galt, set out to "stop the engine that runs the world." He succeeded. How? By going around to different people in key positions in industry and showing them how that they were being taken advantage of, and convincing them to walk away and live for themselves, not for others. He established a place where they could go and do what they loved to do without the constraints of government, a government that was robbing them of their creativity and individuality. Their oath upon entering Galt's private world? "I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine." Isn't that a great concept? That
our lives belong to us, and not to others? It brings to mind a great sense of purpose to be the rugged individuals that made our country great to begin with, instead of the whining, sniveling, mooching looters that are trying to infect our country now. There was even a message for these people from the album "Hell Freezes Over..."

Get Over It

Often we hear a song on the radio that catches our ear. Most of the time we don't really pay that much attention to the words, even if they convey a specific theme or message. One of my favorite songs of all time that conveys a message is one by The Eagles, entitled "Get Over It."

In my mind, this song gives a very clear message about the feelings of a great many of us in regards to what we see and hear on television today.

Get Over It

The Eagles

I turn on the tube and what do I see
A whole lotta people cryin' 'Don't blame me'
They point their crooked little fingers ar everybody else
Spend all their time feelin' sorry for themselves
Victim of this, victim of that
Your momma's too thin; your daddy's too fat

Get over it
Get over it
All this whinin' and cryin' and pitchin' a fit
Get over it, get over it

You say you haven't been the same since you had your little crash
But you might feel better if I gave you some cash
The more I think about it, Old Billy was right
Let's kill all the lawyers, kill 'em tonight
You don't want to work, you want to live like a king
But the big, bad world doesn't owe you a thing

Get over it
Get over it
If you don't want to play, then you might as well split
Get over it, Get over it

It's like going to confession every time I hear you speak
You're makin' the most of your losin' streak
Some call it sick, but I call it weak

You drag it around like a ball and chain
You wallow in the guilt; you wallow in the pain
You wave it like a flag, you wear it like a crown
Got your mind in the gutter, bringin' everybody down
Complain about the present and blame it on the past
I'd like to find your inner child and kick its little ass

Get over it
Get over it
All this bitchin' and moanin' and pitchin' a fit
Get over it, get over it

Get over it
Get over it
It's gotta stop sometime, so why don't you quit
Get over it, get over it

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man