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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Level American Bankster Dies - #9? (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Not sure how many lower level banksters have died, whether by "suicide" or mysterious death, but according to reports showing the names of the top level banksters that have died in rapid succession, we were at eight and I just ran across an article about a "prominent" American banker that has expired.

Before getting to that article, let me remind readers that "V" The Guerrilla Economist issued an alert, shown over at Steve Quayle's website which explicity warned "Word on the "street" watch for a top level American bankster to expire," on February 5, 2014, when the number of top level bankers that had  supposedly committed "suicide"  was only four that were known about.

We now have nine.

A successful Lincoln businessman and member of a prominent local family died last week. Former National Bank of Commerce CEO James Stuart Jr. was found dead in Scottsdale, Ariz., the morning of Feb. 19.

My Stuart's resume was long and showed how prominent a name in the banking industry he was:

In 1969, Stuart joined Citibank in New York City and served as a loan officer until 1973, when he joined First Commerce Bancshares (then NBC Co.) as executive vice president. He was named president in 1976, chairman and CEO in 1978, and also became chairman and CEO of National Bank of Commerce in 1985. Stuart spent his life building the organization into an important business voice in Lincoln, friend and colleague Brad Korell said.
“He was a very successful banker,” said Korell, who worked with Stuart for more than 30 years. “I always felt that he was a visionary. He really did build one of the most successful and admired banking organizations in the Midwest.”
Stuart spent much of his career with First Commerce Bancshares, a $3 billion multi-bank holding company headquartered in Lincoln. First Commerce was sold to Wells Fargo in 2000.

Is this the top level American banker that "V" warned us of? Are there more coming? Exactly how huge is this thing and how many have we not heard about?

The other eight:

1. William Broeksmit

2. Karl Slym,

3. Gabriel Magee

4. Mike Dueker

5. Richard Talley

6. Tim Dickenson

7. Ryan Henry Crane

8. Li Junjie

[Update] For those that have been asking:

He was 70… here is the obit –

At 70, with his business history, I would think he had contacts that most would dream of having. This could be coincidence, could have been a natural death…. or could have been part of this whole banker thing.

Until we know for sure, every single banker death is suspect.

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