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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Americans Rising Up Against Gov’t.. And Winning!

By Susan Duclos - Originally posted at Before It's News

Glenn Harlan Reynolds provides three very important examples of how Americans have already started rising up against a tyrannical government, without violence or a shot fired, and have seen some big wins as we stand together and speak in one voice.

One was the DHS nationwide license plate database which has been canceled with the excuse that it was all a "mistake."

The second example was the FCC plans to intimidate newsrooms and print news outlets by placing government "monitors," to question independent editorial decisions. Again the plan was scrapped after public outrage was expressed.

The third example is the passive resistance shown in Connecticut where the majority of gun owners that were told they must "register", did not and won't.

These may seem like small wins to some, but they are actually extremely important because the people have shown they can bypass the MSM, spread the word, get the message across and put a stop to the antics of administrations, local, state or federal, that would strip our rights guaranteed under the US constitution.

Every person that shared a story about one of these events, every comment they made on any forum which helped the word bypass the MSM, every conversation, every article written.... all helped.

Be careful and be prepared though because when tyranny is thwarted, those in charge become dangerous.