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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

China Drops Bombshell On US - Bankers Deaths, Bank Runs, Financial Bigwigs Running Scared - It Is All Connected!

By Susan Duclos

Fabian4Liberty breaks the news that China has started dumping the US dollar and says if you look around and all the heavy hitters in the financial world they are all saying "the time has come," for the dollar to cease to be the world's sole currency.

The Chinese has dumped almost  $50 billion of US treasuries, the Japanese have dumped about $4 billion. What Fabian points out is that China is sitting on a record amount of surplus but are not buying US debt with it as they have always have.

The dollar is being phased out.

Add to that the slew of bankers' deaths, the latest reported just this Tuesday morning, the high level financial workers who have told Fabian they were leaving the country because it is better for their families and better for "their personal safety," the bank runs in multiple countries and riots in others, and we see it is all coming to a head.

As Fabian highlights, the average American is so dumbed down, they are clueless about the reality of what this complete collapse of the dollar will mean for them.

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