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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Is What Is Wrong With Liberals........

By Susan Duclos


If unemployed workers in South Carolina can’t find a job in six months, they would have to volunteer 16 hours weekly to continue getting benefits from the state under a bill up for debate today by a Senate panel.

Its sponsor, Sen. Paul Campbell, said it’s easier for people to get a job if they have a job of some sort, and his intent is to match people’s skills with work that needs done in city or county governments and schools, from electrical work to assisting in classrooms.

“I just think if someone’s busy working, they’ll be more industrious and more likely to get a job,” said Campbell, R-Goose Creek. “Depending on the skill they’ve got, I think we can put that skill to work. I’m not talking about collecting garbage on the side of the highway.”

To a liberal...... Asking that people actually work 16 hours a week to receive benefits if they have not worked or found a job in six months of receiving benefits.... is "belittling."

As the struggling economy forces more Americans to rely on social aid programs, more and more Republicans are ratcheting up the attacks on those in need. When it comes to unemployment insurance, the party’s presidential candidates, governors, and lawmakers are searching out ways to not only gut the program but belittle vulnerable Americans in the process.

This is what is wrong with liberals. Working 16 mere hours a week, for money the state or federal government gives you, is too much to ask, no they would rather everything be handed out for free.

If Republicans actually dare suggest a person contribute to the community for the money given to them, it is some kind of an "attack".