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Monday, November 01, 2010

Breitbart To ABC: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire And I have The Emails To Prove It!!

Okay, so he doesn't actually say that but he might as well, plus it would have been more amusing.

Long story short, Andrew Breitbart announced he would be giving election night analysis for ABC News and far left progressive bloggers went absolutely nuts, losing what little minds they have left this close to a massive rout for them on November 2, 2010. (Tommorow- remember to VOTE)

ABC News, in an attempt to appease their liberal audience, issued a statement "clarifying" the role Breitbart would be playing on election night.

Today, Breitbart produces the emails that brought about his agreement to participate in the ABC News event.

ABC News is conducting a live event from Phoenix, Arizona for our election night special on Tuesday, November 2nd 2010. I am looking for political figures and newsmakers to appear in our Town Hall style panel.

ABC News is providing live coverage of the midterm elections hosted by Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos in New York, and correspondents across the country.

ABC News has partnered with Facebook and The Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University to live stream the entire event on, ABC News Now and Facebook.

The Town Hall is hosted by ABC correspondent David Muir and Randi Zuckerberg from Facebook, as well an ASU student leader.

The audience will consist of 150 students equipped with laptops and Ipads who will participate in online political conversations.

The issues include health care, the economy, immigration, terrorism, and the environment. We will have panelists who will contribute to these conversations remotely from Washington, DC, New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA.

This program will broadcast on the ABC Television Network,, ABC News Now, and ABC News Radio.

The show will be live on the web and ABC News Now as well as on the network from 4:00pm till 11:00pm MST.

We would love for you to be a part of our program, and please let us know what we can do to accommodate your needs.

I am booking the guests for the event and will be in Phoenix starting Thursday, October 28th.

Feel free to email me back or call me at the following number with any questions.

Thanks so much,



ABC News

I absolutely love Breitbart's comment after producing the original email:

In addition to the two times that an ABC News producer confirms in the email that I will be part of ABC News’ network broadcast, David Ford of ABC News confirmed to Media Matters that I “will be one of many voices on our air” on election night.

I was promised no specific amount of airtime, nor payment for my analysis, but was told that I would be a part of the broadcast coverage in addition to participating in the online event, as the email above clearly reveals.

And, clearly, I was being asked to give analysis – or, was ABC News paying for me to fly to Arizona and to foot my hotel bill so that I could perform avant-garde interpretative dance?

Read the entire piece over at Big Journalism.

Far left liberals are not happy campers at the moment and clearly not happy with Breitbart for revealing ABC News for the appeasing liars they appear to be.