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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Scared Dems Poll Like Mad

Worried about their future political career in a climate that has become toxic to them, Democrats across the country and running poll after poll to see where they stand. Those vulnerable and even the DNC has spent more in December than in previous months.

Meanwhile, other Dems are polling furiously. The DNC spent more than $230K on polling in Dec. alone, including $165K on numbers provided by the Benenson Strategy Group. Pollster Joel Benenson was the lead numbers whiz on Pres. Obama's '08 campaign. Pollsters David Binder and Paul Harstad also earned more than $30K each on surveys last month..

While polling is not an exact science and isn't always representative of how things turn out, it is a good indicator as to where people stand and what the mood of each individual state is at in that moment.

When polls fluctuate constantly, it is hard to read what will happen, but when patterns emerge and stay consistent, then one gets the general idea of where things are heading and Democratic incumbents, some vulnerable and even some Democrats that thought they were "safe", have been seen a dwindling pattern with their numbers falling and with challengers rising to take the lead.

With the Obama administration and Democrats spending like there is no tomorrow when our economy is in the dumps, with unemployment at 10 percent and projected to remain high for the near future, with Obamacare being pushed by Pelosi, Reid (another one in serious trouble in his reelection bid) and Obama despite public opposition (54.4 percent) to their proposals and just the general unhappiness with the party that has held the Senate and House majorities as well as the White House this last year, American voters have about had it and the polls are making that clear.

The atmosphere going into 2010 looks promising for the GOP, if they do not manage to shoot themselves in the foot.