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Friday, November 06, 2009

Tea in DC for Pelosi

" After the rally people were instructed to go and visit their Congresspersons in the Congressional office buildings adjacent to the Capital. 0415 is of Longworth where Boehner's office is located. People were lined up outside chanting "Kill the bill, Kill the bill!"Anyone who came out of those buildings in a suit and tie was questioned by the crowd as to their position on healthcare reform and asked whether or not they were lobbyists. 0416 is of Canon House where Driehaus' office is. 0426- many marvelled at the rainbow, hoping and praying that this was a positive sign from God that our efforts would not be in vain (not my words but the words of others who were standing by us and echoed by many more). "
Gregg Nicholl
Middletown Liberty Group

I feel sad, and humbled, by the DC Challenge of Pelosicare. Sad, because I could not go, and humbled by those who did, and the stories, and the pictures. On Thursday, Nov., 5th, many busses pulled into the Capital, and unloaded precious cargo. True Americans, concerned about the huge Government attack on Personal Liberty. These people, gave up their personal time to travel thousands of miles to tell Nancy Pelosi, and all that support the proposed Health Care Bill, more or less, where to put 2,000 pages of pure crap, for lack of a better word. The phrase "Kill The Bill", rang out all during the festivities. I call it festive, because of the comradery, shown by those in attendance, but it was, and still is a very serious matter, to all of America. Not just the Tea Partiers. Here are a few photos taken by a friend of mine. He is the organizer of the Middletown Liberty Group. The last photo is an eyeopener. More of his account of the event later. Enjoy how real Americans act, when threatened by such an invasion of Liberty, and Choice! The numbers indicate photo numbers, I could not include all I recieved. Skeez
This is not to downplay the story coming out of Ft. Hood. Our prayers are with them!