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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The House Suffers?

I am not saying that the Obama Administration suffered a crushing blow last night. But it sure did tweak it a bit. Or bent it out of shape.

You can look at this two ways.

The Republicans won major victories.

Or, the Conservatives, are an important factor.

Obama, personally campaigned for the Democrats in two states. Both lost. What does this say about him?

2008 brought out a plethora of young, excited voters! Looking for a "savior". (or what they are taught to be a savior) They got their wish. The Black vote in 2008 was unprecedented! (Black President) They also got their wish. So, where were they this year? In local issues? This is why the Republicans won in two key elections.....No one was there anymore.

Let's go Up-State New York! Scozzafava, dived on the Republican party she was attached to, and turncoated. Does that give you any clue? My personal opinion, you quit, your name comes off the ballot! PERIOD! Conservatives win here.

So, we are back to where we started before this election. The Conservative vote is a factor. The Tea Parties are real. The Democrats are imploding. And you can make up your own mind.

Another race ...And I want you to see how Liberals report things. Mayor Rhine Mclin was defeated in Dayton, after two terms. Read how the Dayton Daily News reported it.. Read closely. not first page...kinda hidden, fast, as this will be updated soon, and buried, so we don't see it.

You need AT&Tea Party!