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Sunday, November 11, 2007

San Francisco Now NEEDS the Military? K.A.R.M.A.

Sometimes something just hits me wrong and this San Francisco oil spill is one of those things.

Not because it happened, things happen.

But the utter NERVE of Feinstein and Boxer, bugs me.

Senator Dianne Feinstein flew into San Francisco today to lambaste the oil-spill response effort of the past week as inadequate, saying it revealed a disturbing lack of readiness for disasters in the Bay Area.

"It's pretty clear cities around the bay should have been brought in faster than they were," Feinstein said after being briefed on the response details by federal and state officials. "We will see what we can do about the management systems of the San Francisco Bay to prevent these types of incidents from ever happening again."

The senator said she would meet with national Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on Monday to discuss what can be done to improve the communications and preparedness systems in the Bay Area. She had already written a letter to the secretary Friday urging a "full and expedited investigation into the cause of the accident as well as the Coast Guard's response."

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is at all times a branch of the U.S. military, a maritime law enforcement agency, and a federal regulatory body.

Let that sink in for a second. The Coast Guard is a branch of the military.............

Anyone else have the word "karma" running through their head right now?

So, San Francisco, the town that is all proud of being anti-Military and has declared itself a military free zone. (From 2005) now is complaining that they didn't get a quick enough "military" response?

Not content with simply protesting the war, they've trained their sights on all things military. In an apparent effort to rid the city of any semblance of its military history, various leftist groups, and even some city officials, are trying to erase the military's presence altogether. In short, San Francisco has declared itself a military-free zone.

Following on the heels of their success in sometimes violently shutting down job fairs that include military recruiters on college campuses, the counterrecruitment movement is now looking to broaden its influence. Instead of merely protesting the existence of military recruiters on campuses, the movement wants to ban them altogether. Proposition I, a measure that will be on the ballot this November, seeks to do just that.

San Francisco, the city that approved a measure, dubbed "College Not Combat," that opposes the presence of military recruiters at public high schools and colleges, is now crying that the "military" response wasn't good enough?

The measure, dubbed "College Not Combat," opposes the presence of military recruiters at public high schools and colleges. However, it would not ban the armed forces from seeking enlistees at city campuses, since that would put schools at risk of losing federal funding.

It encourages city officials and university administrators to exclude recruiters and create scholarships and training programs that would reduce the military's appeal to young adults.

"We now have the moral weight of the city behind us, and it's definitely a valuable asset to have in our corner," said Bob Matthews, an activist for the proposition.

San Francisco, the city whose school board in November of 2006 decided to phase out the ROTC program over the objections of those that volunteered for the program, is now pissing and moaning about the MILITARY response to the oil spill?

After 90 years in San Francisco high schools, the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps must go, the San Francisco school board decided Tuesday night.

The Board of Education voted 4-2 to eliminate the popular program, phasing it out over two years.

Dozens of JROTC cadets at the board meeting burst into tears or covered their faces after the votes were cast.

So, after doing everything in their power to kick anything military out of their city, they now are complaining that the military's response wasn't good enough for their liking?

Too freaking bad.


Considering San Francisco wants nothing to do with anything military, it is too freaking bad the U.S. Coast Guard, which is a part of the military, has the obligation to go near them or help them at all, in my opinion.

I know it is the Coast Guards job, I do, but as southerners say, it just sticks in my craw that any branch of the military has to help those ungrateful, hate filled maggots that do everything in their power to degrade, slander and harass our military men and women, and takes every opportunity to stab those they expect to protect them and help them, in the back.

Perhaps Boxer and Feinstein should try thanking them for their service instead of trying to blame them for not being quick enough with that service.


Since the friendly, wonderful, instigators in my comment section asked for it... here is the petition to sign if you think San Francisco shouldn't even be part of America.

Give it, free of charge, back to Mexico.