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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Facing Off The Westboro Cult

I could link to half a dozen posts I have about the Westboro cult group that takes joy from of protesting at our fallen soldiers funerals, their sickening displays, the fact that that a father of a fallen soldier just won an $11 million dollar judgment against them and so much more.

But two pictures can speak for themselves here. (Hat Tip to Snooper and The Mountain)

The Cult:
(Click photo to enlarge to read those signs)

(Photo grabbed from The Mountain Forum)

Veterans "Salute" to the Westboro Cult:

Ok, eventually I made it to 7th and Constitution and the site sickened me. I have pictures which I will post later (right now I'm whupped). WBC was on the outside corner of where the marchers would turn left onto Constitution Ave. They had their stupid signs. They were singing "God hates America" ... they were yelling about our troops raping little boys before they murdered them. After standing there for about 10 minutes I noticed three 'Rolling Thunder' Vets making their way from the crowd to the crosswalks. I said this oughta be good. As the three passed under WBC, the cultists began accusing them of raping little boys ... ROUTE MARCH!!! As a unit the vets turned and moved toward WBC ... the police however intervened and asked them to keep moving, which they did for a short distance. WBC had photographers taking pictures of any incidents that occured presumably since they are mostly lawyers to possibly identify and sue ... yeah right!!! The coolest thing happened when a group of VietVets made the turn in front of WBC ... came to a halt and right face to be looking directly at WBC ... then they all raised the infamous 1-finger salute and yelled, ,"Go to hell TRAITORS". The crowd went bananas!!!! Of course, this group was photographed ... hahahaha.

Go read the whole report....the GOE, Freepers and Protest Warriors faced down the Westboro cult with honor.

Go read the entire thing and keep scrolling for some of the best, patriotic pictures ever!!!!