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Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Tell Me Why They Had To Die."

The funeral for Iofemi Hightower, Dashon Harvey and Terrance Aeriel is over, but the questions remain.

Those that are mourning those three students that were lined up against a wall and shot in the head, executed, are asking why?

From the OC Register:

At the funeral of Iofemi Hightower, her classmate Mecca Ali wore a T-shirt with the slogan: "Tell Me Why They Had To Die."

"They" are Miss Hightower, Dashon Harvey and Terrance Aeriel, three young citizens of Newark, New Jersey, lined up against a schoolyard wall, forced to kneel and then shot in the head.

Miss Ali poses an interesting question. No one can say why they "had" to die, but it ought to be possible to advance theories as to what factors make violent death in Newark a more-likely proposition than it should be. That's usually what happens when lurid cases make national headlines: When Matthew Shepard was beaten and hung on a fence in Wyoming, Frank Rich wrote in the New York Times that it was merely the latest stage in a "war" against homosexuals loosed by the forces of intolerance. Mr. Shepard's murder was dramatized in plays and movies and innumerable songs by Melissa Etheridge, Elton John, Peter, Paul and Mary, etc. The fact that this vile crucifixion was a grisly one-off and that American gays have never been less at risk from getting bashed did not deter pundits and politicians and lobby groups galore from arguing that this freak case demonstrated the need for special legislation.

By contrast, there's been a succession of prominent stories with one common feature that the very same pundits, politicians and lobby groups have a curious reluctance to go anywhere near. In a New York Times report headlined "Sorrow And Anger As Newark Buries Slain Youth," the limpidly tasteful Times prose prioritized "sorrow" over "anger," and offered only the following reference to the perpetrators: "The authorities have said robbery appeared to be the motive. Three suspects – two 15-year-olds and a 28-year-old construction worker from Peru – have been arrested."

So, this Peruvian guy was here on a green card? Or did he apply for a temporary construction-work visa from the U.S. Embassy in Lima?

Not exactly. Jose Carranza is an "undocumented" immigrant. His criminal career did not begin with the triple murder he's alleged to have committed, nor with the barroom assault from earlier this year, nor with the 31 counts of aggravated sexual assault relating to the rape of a 5-year-old child, for which Mr. Carranza had been released on bail. (His $50,000 bail on the assault charge and $150,000 bail on the child-rape charges have now been revoked.) No, Mr. Carranza's criminal career in the United States began when he decided to live in this country unlawfully.

Jose Carranza isn't exactly a member of an exclusive club. Violent crime committed by fine upstanding members of the Undocumented-American community is now a routine feature of American life. But who cares? In 2002, as the "Washington Sniper" piled up his body count, "experts" lined up to tell the media that he was most likely an "angry white male," a "macho hunter" or an "icy loner." When the icy loner turned out to be a black Muslim named Muhammad accompanied by an illegal immigrant from Jamaica, the only angry white males around were the lads in America's newsrooms who were noticeably reluctant to abandon their thesis: Early editions of the New York Times speculated that Muhammad and John Lee Malvo were being sought for "possible ties to 'skinhead militia' groups," which seemed a somewhat improbable alliance given the size of Mr. Muhammad's hair in the only available mug shot. As for his illegal sidekick, Malvo was detained and released by the INS in breach of their own procedures.


Tell Me Why They Had To Die"? Hard to answer. But tell me why, no matter how many Jose Carranzas it spawns, the nationwide undocumented-immigration protection program erected by this country's political class remains untouchable and ever-expanding.

Read the whole thing....The title of the piece asks another great question "Speaking of sanctuary, where's ours?"

Yesterday we linked to a site that has a list of the Sanctuary cities across America.

Take a good look at that list and notice a couple of things.

#1. How large that list is.
#2. That Newark, NJ. was added to that list on 6/3/07.

If you find your city on that list, you need to call, fax and email your representatives and insist that all funding be stopped until it is no longer a sanctuary for criminals to hide in.

Yes, they are criminals, even those that are not our robbing or killing they are criminals because they are here ILLEGALLY.

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of voters nationwide favor cutting off federal funds for “sanctuary cities” that offer protection to illegal immigrants, according to Rasmussen and it is a problem just as illegal immigration and illegal immigrants themselves are a problem.

They have broken our laws and if they cannot show the respect to come here and stay here in a legal fashion...then guess what? WE DON'T WANT THEM HERE.

Power Line shows us, via Wapo, there were three more arrests made today in relation to the Newark murders, go read that also. (More on that from Michelle Malkin, A Blog For All and Daily Pundit.)

The anger felt by those that were there to mourn the three students is echoed by the writer of the OC Registers piece and echoed by the majority of Americans.

Tell us why they had to die?

Tell us why sanctuary cities have not had funding already cut off?

Tell us why, despite all the promises made, this problem is getting worse and not better?

Tell us why our border is not secured yet?

Tell us why we are not shipping anybody and everybody, that is not here in a legal manner, right back home again?

Last but not least, tell me why I, as an American, do not have the right to MY sanctuary called the United States of America?

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