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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

CNN Mid-November Poll Finds Majority Still Opposed To Obamacare, CNN Doesn't Report It

By Susan Duclos

It is pretty difficult for media outlets carrying the water for Obama's most unpopular legislative "achievement" aka Obamacare, to do so when their own polling numbers show that the majority of registered voters are still opposed to Obamacare.

This poll was conducted by CNN in mid-November, before the top five tax hikes written into Obama's healthcare law go into effect in January 2013.

So, if you cannot carry Obama's water, CNN makes the decision to just not report the results.

 (PDF of the question and results will be embedded below the post)

CNN/ORC International Poll -- November 16 to 18, 2012
Question 19
As you may know, a bill that makes major changes to the country's health care system became law in 2010. base_newd on what you have read or heard about that legislation, do you generally favor or generally oppose it?

52 percent of registered voters opposed and 42, in favor of.

Expect that number to rise as the new tax hikes take effect.

Obama's IRS just released 159 pages of new rules of Obamacare's higher tax rates on income and investment which will slow economic growth in 2013, on the heels of the manufacturing report released by the government yesterday morning, showing the manufacturing index hit it's lowest point since July 2009.

That Manufacturing report also found the employment index fell to 48.4, and was below 50 for the first time since September 2009.

There is much talk about the fiscal cliff negotiations and the effect on the economy if Obama and Congress cannot come to an agreement, but even if they do come to an agreement, the 2013 economic outlook is not good and when the media focuses back on the economy without the noise of the fiscal cliff interfering, the American public is going to be slammed in the face by the upcoming train wreck and recession bearing down on them due to Obamacare.

CNN Poll Result, Majority Still Oppose Obamacare