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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Live Blogging 2012 Presidential Election Results And Exit Polls

By Susan Duclos

[Update] Networks have projected that Barack Obama has won reelection.

The 2012 Presidential Election Day is here and I will be live blogging the exit poll data as it is released and the results for each state as officials are tallying and releasing results, until the final results and projected winners are announced.

Exit polling:  At 11 a.m. today, representatives from news organizations ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox and the AP were all put in a "quarantine room" to go over exit poll data as it comes in. No phones or Internet available to them until the quarantine is lifted and they can then start releasing information to their organizations for public release. Six hours after the quarantine started they will be allowed to report general trends but cannot report the full results of exit polls until the polls close.

5 ET- Preliminary reports from the exit polling data shows that six in ten voters say the economy is the number one issue facing the nation. More believe things are getting worse or are stagnating than those that believe the nation's economy is on the mend. Just 25 percent believe they are better off than they were four years ago. (Source- AP)

State data closely matches the national numbers.

Ohio Exit polling data here.  NH data here. MS data here. NC data here. VA data here. MA data here.

Additional resources for results will be linked below the list of states.

Projections below


Alabama (9) Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Alaska (3)- 0% reporting -
Projected Winner- 

Arizona (11)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Arkansas (6)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

California (55)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Colorado (9)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Connecticut (7)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Delaware (3)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

District of Columbia (3)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Florida (29)- 97%  reporting - Obama 50% / Romney 49%
Projected Winner- 

Georgia(16)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Hawaii(4)- Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Idaho(4)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Illinois(20)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Indiana(11)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Iowa(6)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Kansas(6)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Kentucky(8)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Louisiana(8)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Maine(4)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Maryland(11)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Massachusetts(11)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Michigan(16)- Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Minnesota(10)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Mississippi(6)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Missouri(10)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Montana(3)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Nebraska(5)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Nevada(6)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

New Hampshire(4)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

New Jersey(14)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

New Mexico(5)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

New York(29)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

North Carolina(15)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

North Dakota(3)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Ohio(18)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Oklahoma(7)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Oregon(7)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Pennsylvania(20)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Rhode Island(4)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

South Carolina(9)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

South Dakota(3)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Tennessee(11)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Texas(38)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Utah(6)- Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Vermont(3)- Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Virginia(13)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Washington(3)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

West Virginia(5)- Projected Winner- Mitt Romney

Wisconsin(10)-Projected Winner- Barack Obama

Wyoming(3)-Projected Winner- Mitt Romney


CNN Presidential Results page (click the "All States" tab for the list)
FOX News Results page.
Huffington Post Results page.

(This post will be continuously updated until all results are in)