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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day News 11/6/12: Explosion Of Death Threats Via Twitter Against Romney By Obama Supporters

By Susan Duclos

Twitchy has compiled a list of posts on previous death threats against Mitt Romney by Barack Obama supporters, and today, the day of the Presidential Election, Obama supporters are issuing even more:

As Twitchy has reported, assassination threats targeting Mitt Romney continued to pile up throughout the campaign season.

Today's include but are not limited to;

Those are from today and no less than six others, from today, are captured by Twitchy but have been removed from Twitter. No idea if Twitter removed them or if the original author did so.

Go to Twitchy to see those and the dozens of others from yesterday and the day before, plus the links above shows the consistent nature of these threats.

Twitchy reminds those reporting these people:

These tweets do not include people who wished for Romney’s death.
Some of these tweets may be sick jokes or demented fantasies, but if even one of these violent threats is in earnest, it needs to be taken seriously. Reminder: While many Twitter users report death threats to the @SecretService Twitter account, the Secret Service asks that you make reports directly to state field offices.