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Friday, November 09, 2012

Layoff Mania Continues As Thousands More Lose Their Jobs

By Susan Duclos

At the end of the post there will be a link to the label Layoff Mania to see the thousands of jobs and layoff notifications affecting workers across the country each and every day. It is a new label and will be updated daily.

[Update] Business Closures for Nov. 7 - 9th, 2012,  here.

Layoff announcements for November 9, 2012:

[Update] Another added to the list below:

Western North Carolina plant that makes parachutes for the military laying off 68 workers

  A western North Carolina company that makes parachutes and other supplies for the military is laying off 68 workers by the end of the year.

Mills Manufacturing president John Oswald says the company has several large government contracts that are ending.

The plant in Woodfin has employed 180 workers.

[End Update] 

[Update] Another 7 for Murray, making the total top 200. Story here. [End Update]

TECO laying off 90 in coalfields

About 90 jobs are being lost in the eastern Kentucky coalfields.

WYMT-TV ( ) in Hazard reported TECO Coal Corporation is cutting back production and shedding jobs.

Company personnel director Paul Matney told the station no mines are closing, but manpower and staffing is being trimmed to match reduced production from the mines.

Matney said the layoffs are at several locations and are the result of economic conditions in the coal market.

102 Utah miners laid off because of 'war on coal,' company says

The layoffs at the West Ridge Mine are effective immediately, according to UtahAmerican Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Murray Energy Corp. They were announced in a short statement made public Thursday, two days after Obama won re-election.

The layoffs are necessary because of the president's "war on coal," the statement said. The slogan is one used frequently during the election by Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray, who was an ardent supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In its statement, UtahAmerican Energy blames the Obama administration for instituting policies that will close down "204 American coal-fired power plants by 2014" and for drastically reducing the market for coal.

"There is nowhere to sell our coal, and when we can, the market prices are far lower," the statement said. "Without markets, there can be no coal mines and no coal jobs."

The top two are a direct result of the ongoing layoffs and coal plant closings from Obama's War on Coal.

[Update] Added to those 102 layoffs above,  Murray Energy read a prayer to a group of company staff members, then laid off 54 more at American Coal, one of his subsidiary companies.

"Lord, please forgive me and anyone with me in Murray Energy Corp. for the decisions that we are now forced to make to preserve the very existence of any of the enterprises that you have helped us build[End Update]

Energizer to cut more than 10 percent of workforce 

Energizer Holdings Inc said on Thursday that it would cut more than 10 percent of its workforce, or about 1,500 people, as it tries to rev up results in its battery business.

A restructuring at the company, which also makes Schick razors, was in the works for months. In September, Energizer said it planned to cut jobs and expenses but until Thursday it had not disclosed details of the plan.

Exide to lay off 150 workers

Exide Technologies announced Thursday that it will be idling its lead-recycling operations in Laureldale and laying off 150 workers, effective no later than March 31.

Idling means that all of the permits and approvals will be kept up to date and the plant will be maintained in case Exide wants to reopen it later, said Susan Jaramillo, spokeswoman for Exide.

The plant has been operating since the 1930s, Exide said.

The company will continue to operate its plastics-recycling business with about 25 employees.

"This decision was based on several factors, including the dramatic swings in the lead market and the high capital investment needed, due to regulatory requirements, to remain operational in Reading (Laureldale)," said Paul Hirt, president of Exide Americas. "By idling this facility, we can defer spending the capital while still having the majority of our internal lead demands met through our other three recycling centers in Vernon, Calif.; Canon Hollow, Mo.; and Muncie, Ind."

Bottle plant to lay off 15 on way to closing 

A company based here, Southeastern Container, has notified the state that it plans to lay off 15 employees as the first of three phases toward what the state called a "plant closing."

In a notice filed with the state Department of Labor required under law, the company said the laying off of 15 employees was the first of three phases.

Southeastern makes plastic bottles for the Coca-Cola Co.'s beverages,
Ronald Hicks, Dutchess County's deputy commissioner for strategic planning and economic development, said he had met with the management to see what options may be possible to help the company reduce its costs and change its consolidation plan to expand operations here rather than discontinue them.

The company employs 65 at the local plant. Hicks said management expects to shut the facility by this time next year. The first wave of 15 are to go out in February, the company's notice said.

SCA Barton plant plans staff reductions

BARTON, AL (WAFF) - The SCA plant in Barton will begin reducing staff immediately, and the cuts will continue through 2015.

SCA officials confirmed they are cutting jobs, at not only the Barton facility, but at locations around the world. They're calling it a "global cost and productivity program," and it will be implemented over the next three years.

Officials aren't releasing an exact number of jobs that will be cut in Barton or across the board.

One employee said a lot of people are worried about losing their job at the plant. They didn't want to go on camera in fear of putting their job in jeopardy, but said it's the fear of the unknown that has everyone on edge

At least 10 layoffs coming to Yakima Regional Medical Center 

YAKIMA, Wash. -- At least ten Yakima Regional Medical Center employees will soon be looking for a job.

The cuts are coming from the business department as part of a reorganization.

Some workers will be relocated to Arkansas to consolidate and cut costs.

Hospital administrators did not want to comment before speaking with employees and the union.

Crouse Hospital announces another round of job cuts 

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) -- Crouse Hospital announced Thursday another round of cuts as it considers significant challenges down the road due to healthcare reform.

Seventy jobs – 23 that were vacant – were cut on Thursday, including nursing, nursing support and non-nursing positions.

Bob Allen, a spokesperson for the hospital, says they’re looking ahead as they expect decreases in Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements.

The hospital is looking at ways to contain costs on supplies, overtime, and other expenses to insure the hospital can provide service in the future.

Last month, the hospital cut 23 management positions – three that were vacant – and five non-management positions.

Expect to see more job loss in the health industry as a direct result of Obamacare, like above.

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