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Monday, January 09, 2012

Live Blogging, Live Chat: New Hampshire Exit Polls And Primary Results

By Susan Duclos

Links to follow live results provided at the bottom of the post.

[Update] Romney took 1st place, Paul 2nd and Huntsman third. Will provide final totals tomorrow. [End Update]

[Update- 2pm ET]Small villages/towns were allowed to start voting as of midnight so those results are already being reported. Preliminary results found here.[End Update]

Once again, Right Pundits is hosting a live blogging and live chat night for the New Hampshire Exit Polls and Primary Results and is allowing Wake up America to embed it all here. Tuesday, January 10, 2012, come, join the discussion all evening as we wait for the results of the New Hampshire GOP Primary and discuss entrance and exit polls.

Via Right Pundits:

Find out January 10 as the 2012 New Hampshire primary takes place. We at RightPundits will cover the all of the available New Hampshire exit polls and election results with our live blog, starting at 8pm EST. We will also post any live streaming video that becomes available. RightPundits is the place to be for all of your 2012 election news.

Thanks to Patrick McCain for sending over the embed code via email to me.

[Update] A reminder of eligibility for the New Hampshire Primaries:

New Hampshire residents who are registered Republicans or who have not declared a party may vote in the Republican primary. [End Update]

[Update] Links to follow the progress of NH Primaries:

[End Update]

Set your reminders and come join us all again for an entertaining, informative night and lively discussion.

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