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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Conservative Group To Obama: Put Up Or Shut Up And Step Down

By Susan Duclos

So, yeah, I am paraphrasing in the headline but it is the first thing I thought of when I read this headline : "Conservative Group Offers Deal – Backing for Obama Jobs Plan, But No 2nd Term If It Fails."

A Republican political group wants to raise the stakes on the president's jobs package, urging GOP leaders to pass the bill on the condition that President Obama pledges not to seek a second term if it fails to bring unemployment below 7.6 percent in a year.

The percentage is where the jobless rate was when Obama took office. In calling for Obama to take such a pledge, GOP Trust dug up a gem of a quote from February 2009, when Obama said in an interview that if the country doesn't make economic progress in three years, that will "be a one-term proposition."

If Obama is so convinced his tax increase plan which he tries to sell as a jobs plan, will work and create jobs and bring unemployment down, then he should have no problem putting his job where his mouth is.

Should he?

More at GOP Trust.

H/T Obamafail@Twitter.