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Friday, October 17, 2008

Another 'Joe The Plumber' Opposes An Obama Presidency

Knoxville has a "Joe The Plumber" also.

Joe the plumber is the man that has been given to Joe Wurzelbacher, a man that asked Barack Obama a question, which happened to get caught on video where Obama's answer included the sentiment about "spreading the wealth", speaking of income distribution.

The left went on the rampage against poor Joe, declaring he held liens, he owed taxes and he didn't have his plumbing licensing and the media went after him in a way they have refused to research Obama's own scandals.

Well, guess what? It isn't Joe, it was Obama's answer, his unguarded response where he admitted clearly that he is nothing more than a socialist.

Joe was simply a man that asked Barack Obama a question and he is really a symbol, nothing more, nothing less. A symbol of ordinary, hard working men and women that do not like the idea of Barack Obama or any politician determining to take the money they work hard for, away from them and hand it to other people that did not produce, did not work for it.

Nothing against Mr. Wurzelbacher here, but he isn't the point as the left's reaction so clearly shows, he is the catalyst that forced Obama to finally tell people exactly what he is and what his plans are.

That is why the left is howling so loudly against "Joe the Plumber".

I feel bad for Joe that he has become the target of such idiocy, but the fact that he has caused this reaction and the fact that the left is still going after him is really a good thing because people that never would have heard Obama's "spread the wealth" comment, have now heard it loud and clear because it has been blasted on almost every television station, Joe has been subject to barrels of ink and "Joe the Plumber" has become a household name in a matter of days.

Another example of the left shooting themselves in the head, make Joe bigger than life and guarantee that voters hear exactly what Obama's true plans are without the illusion of what Obama wanted them to "think" his plans were.

Which brings me to Knoxville and another article about a different "Joe the plumber", a man named Joe Shanks, who is a licensed master plumber and owner of Joe's Plumbing Service in the Cedar Bluff area.

Shanks, an independent voter, said he's supporting Republican Sen. John McCain, citing the official's career experience in office as the deciding factor for him.

"I'd just feel more comfortable, confident and safe with McCain," the plumber said. "McCain's been there. Obama's just not that experienced."

Shanks likened the decision to a homeowner in need of a plumber - would you hire the guy who just got his trade license, he asked, or a seasoned professional?

These men are just men, working men, middle class Americans that worry about what Barack Obama's policy stances will mean to them and the millions of hard working Americans just like them.

The two Joes are ordinary Americans, but they have managed to do something the major media has not doe by carrying Obama's water and refusing to vet him or ask the hard questions about his associations.... these two ordinary men have ripped the roof off of hell and allowed the American public to peek inside.

How do we know Americans have heard this? Well, Gallup yesterday showed that among "likely voters" there is now only a 2 percentage point difference between McCain and Obama and today Rasmussen has Obama's lead down to four percentage points and BattleGround shows Obama, who held a 13 percent lead over McCain last week, now only holds a four percent lead and IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll has Obama ahead by three percent.

As we get to the last couple weeks before the election, McCain is narrowing the gap and Obama is being scrutinized a little more.

So, although I feel bad for the scrutiny Mr. Wurzelbacher is suffering now because of the left's desire to make the focus be him instead of where the focus should be, which is Obama's tax plan, he has done us a great favor and we owe him a huge thanks for exposing Barack Obama for what he is.

A socialist.

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