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Friday, November 09, 2007

Stabbed, Burned and Beheaded

Now that is a case of overkill even for a convicted sex offender.

After a burned, headless body was found in Northville Township Michigan, authorities managed to get a fingerprint of one of the burned hands which identified him as Daniel Sorensen, registered sex offender in Illinois.

The autopsy revealed he had been stabbed to death before he was beheaded and then burned.

Northville police, with the assistance of the Michigan State Crime Lab, used a fingerprint Thursday to identify the man as Daniel Sorensen.

Sorensen was decapitated and his body was severely burned, police said. His head has not been recovered.

A sewer and water department crew found his body at 9:32 a.m. Thursday on Hidden Ridge Drive.

A records check indicates Sorensen was a registered sex offender in Illinois. His father told television stations that the case stemmed from a previous relationship between Sorensen and an underage girl.

Neighbors nearby reported seeing a small fire in the area where the body was found Wednesday night, police said.

Northville Township Public Safety Director John Werth said police are following leads today.

“We’re really tracing back his last steps,” he said today.

Werth said police are a red Chevrolet S-10 truck driven by Sorensen. The truck is registered to a 25-year-old woman but Werth said police have spoken to her and she lives out of state. He said the woman registered the truck for Sorensen.

More from ABC.

The criminal sexual conduct charge stemmed from a relationship the younger Sorenson had had with an underage girl, his father said. His sex offender status was "a cloud that hung over his head," his mother Kim told WXYZ-TV.

So,where is the head? Why did they take it? What on earth are they going to do with a head?