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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Obama Unleashes Bio Weapon On America!! -Fabian4Liberty

By Susan Duclos

 Fabian4Liberty aka Fabian Calvo drops what he calls a "literal bombshell" on us as he states that Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America deliberately unleashes a massive bio weapon on America.

 Fear porn or actual truth?

 Well as Fabian reminds us, our old immigration policy was sound and logical as immigrants that came to America were tested for contagious diseases and that Doctors and nurses now, it has been reported, are being threatened after stating they are concerned about the health effects on US citizens from the mass influx of illegal immigrants being brought, deliberately and unchecked, with no medical testing, right into our country, creating conditions for outbreaks of contagious diseases , including tuberculosis, venereal disease, trachoma, or favus.

 According to Fabian, this is all part of an agenda to create a "crisis" of epic proportions in order to justify UN troops on our borders....and far worse.

 Much, much more in the video below.

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