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Monday, July 21, 2014

‘Elites Are Moving To Armored Redoubts’ – The Age of Crisis – Alex Jones

By Susan Duclos

 The title and beginning commentary by Alex Jones in this newly released segment of his show should make it very clear that all hell is about to break loose in what Alex calls "the age of crisis," titled by Infowarrior with "World On The Brink Of Thermal Nuclear War."

 Elites are hightailing it to 'armored redoubts,' buying up yachts, not to "party" on but for survival, moving to places like the Caribbean and New Zealand, Israeli elites heading to other countries as well which was reported on a year ago.... and more, all indicative of them knowing something is coming, collapse, nuclear war, whatever it is, they are taking action to protect themselves.

 Listen up folks... if they are preparing, it is a sure bet that we should be preparing as well.

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