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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Pot Legalized In Colorado And Washington

By Susan Duclos

Stoners, prepare yourselves to invade either Washington or Colorado, where measures allowing adults to use marijuana for any purpose have been approved by voters.

In Massachusetts, voters also approved an initiative allowing people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, NBC News projected. In Arkansas, a similar initiative failed, according to NBC News projections.

In all, voters in six states were being asked to decide on a wide array of laws around legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes.

In three of those states – Colorado, Oregon and Washington – voters were deciding whether to allow people over 21 to use marijuana for any purpose. In Oregon, NBC News projected that the initiative to legalize marijuana had failed.

In Montana, NBC News projected that voters had approved a plan to to revamp an existing medicinal marijuana law to make it more restrictive.

State laws will have to come to terms with federal laws, but it shouldn't be long before the Democrats in government starts thinking of all the tax potential involved. Never met a tax they didn't like, so it shouldn't be long before proposals are made to decriminalize pot on the federal level.