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Friday, November 02, 2012

Associated Press-GfK poll On Who Can End Washington's Gridlock- Romney 47%, Obama 37%

By Ausan Duclos

An Associated Press-GfK poll asked respondents who they thought would be able to fix the gridlock seen in Washington over the last two years and Romney holds a 10 point advantage over Obama in voter's minds, 47 percent to 37 percent.

Romney’s message — a vote for Obama is a vote for more gridlock — seems to be getting through. Almost half of likely voters, 47 percent, think the Republican challenger would be better at ending the logjam, compared with 37 percent for Obama.

With the race charging into its final week, Romney is pushing that idea. He increasingly portrays himself as a get-things-done, work-with-everybody pragmatist, in hopes of convincing independent voters that he can overcome Washington’s bitter partisanship. The AP-GfK poll shows the race in a virtual dead heat, with Romney at 47 percent to Obama’s 45 percent, a difference within the margin of sampling error.

Romney holds the lead on who would be better for the economy and is leading nationally with Independents.

With large leads on  the economy, among Independent voters, and those that want the gridlock in Washington ended, Romney can only hope those specific voters along with the Republican base, will be enough to tip him over the top on election day.


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