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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Georgian Reporter Shot While Broadcasting Live

Video below of Georgian reporter shot live on television, YouTube URL here.

Reporters in a war zone take their lives in their hands as is evidenced by a reporter in Georgia being shot on live television.
Tamara Urushadze is the Georgian reporter and as seen in the video above, she was in the middle of a story when a Russian Sniper bullet hit her while live on TV.

She gets back up, with colleagues bandaging her up and reports that she was grazed and continues her news cast informing viewers of what had just occurred.

The incident happened near Gori, which is a city on Georgia's eat-west highway where some of the "bloodiest" fighting has been happening.

It is reported that despite the supposed ceasefire, Russian troops are still in the area.

[Update] Power Line says give this woman a purple heart!