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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Special Double Rubber Chicken for Chuck Adkins

Some people are just too damned stupid for words.

Hat tip to Protein Wisdom for this venting rant.

I usually don't say things like this in open forum, especially as the topic of a writing, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

Some people are just SO GLARINGLY STUPID that they deserve to be called out for it, because by the time you reach adulthood, stupidity, BLATANT GLARING STUPIDITY, is a choice, not an accident.

I've never been the most tolerant person when it comes to over the top stupidity, especially when said stupidity is done with the intention of causing strife for the life of someone else, or is done in the face of the mourning or suffering of others.

Chuck Adkins, you are contemptibly stupid, you waste valuable oxygen others could benefit from with each breath you take. You are despicable, incorrigible, ignorant, sleazy, and those are your better qualities. Your very presence on the face of this earth is an argument for post-delivery abortions. If this was Sparta, you'd be one of the ones tossed aside and deemed "unfit."

Now, why, you ask, for my vitriol against this individual? First of all, his irresponsibility with his writings, i.e. posting Michelle Malkin's address, phone number, and aerial photo's of her home online. Last time that happened it caused her considerable inconvenience, if I am right she had to move.

Here is the original report of what happened when six kids were murdered by a deputy sheriff, in Wisconsin, a few days ago.

I could have let that go, figuring Malkin can handle it through the legal system, and just written it off as an idiotic move on the part of a moron in regards to Adkins. I couldn't let it go without comment, however, on reading Adkins' words regarding the murder of six people by an out of control deputy sheriff in Milwaukee:

As far as I’m concerned, these kids had it coming. I’m just sorry that the young man that did this, had to die after a shootout with the Police. He should have just surrendered to the Police. With the Liberal society we live in, if he had surrendered, He would have just gotten life in prison. and being a police officer, he would have been well taken care off and kept away from the general prison population.

Of course, the disrespectful punk kids, will be painted as the “poor victims of a senseless crime.” You know the routine, How the liberal media only wants to report the shooting and victims, not why they were shot, or what they did to provoke the shooting. CNN will run a special and paint the victims as martyrs. They won’t tell why this poor young man snapped.

There is so much wrong with that entire situation TO BEGIN WITH that just screams of problems, but Adkins, you go too far. Too far. You have no concept, no clue what personal responsibility means. You take the First Amendment and desecrate it by putting forth nothing but pure stupidity and the most asinine and inane commentary on things.

You say,, it was the fault of the victims that they were shot to death by someone with an AR-15. THEY WERE TEENAGERS! TEENAGERS DON'T KNOW NOT TO BE STUPID! YOU DON'T HAVE THAT EXCUSE!!

There are SO MANY THINGS, you IGNORANT bucket of skunk scent, that I'd like to call you. I don't know if I can put that many of them in print, you wretched piece of buffalo dung.

Two rubber chickens for two spectacularly stupid and irresponsible acts.

I HOPE the jackass comes after ME, next. Let's dance, asshole...

I think I've had MY say on the matter.

[S ]- Tag teaming this one because we both had a few things to say. First off, that Buffalo Dung sent me into a fit of laughter, although this is no laughing matter.

I often say people do not have the respect for hardworking cops that they should have. These men and women put their lives on the line, every day.

With that said, there is no excuse for that pathetic Chuck Adkins to declare those children, yes children deserved what they got.

His update shows more of what ignorant ass he is:

Update: I’m so Evil, Because I’m not some sniveling Liberal twit who views these people who were shot as victims. :roll: Gimmie a Break! I don’t say what this guy did was justified, at all. however, the blame lies directly on these kids. It is because of they’re blatant disrespect of Law Enforcement Officers, is why they’re dead, had they respected Him, they’d still be alive. and that’s a damn fact that nobody can argue. That’s right folks, it was their actions that drove that fine young man to murder. I think some people just need to wake up and face reality.

Adkins, the coward that he obviously is, shut down his comment section because he couldn't handle the truth of what his commenter's were saying in calling him out on his vileness.

So feel free to leave your feelings about this worthless excuse for a human being in our comment section and rest assured that if he wanted to respond to comments he could have left his comment section open, because he sure as hell will not be allowed to pollute this site with his insanity.

(Note to our contributors- If you have anything to add, just jump in, add it as an update with your name to this post.)

[Update] The ignorant, asinine, coward, Chuck Adkins has now "removed" those offending paragraphs.... whats wrong Chuck, do not like people seeing how sick you really are?

In place of where his stupidity used to be, he now has this update:

Update 5: I did have something here that was a little over the top. I shouldn’t have posted it. I removed it, out of respect for families of all involved. The facts do remain that the so called “victims” were nasty to this guy and he snapped. I also know that he was quite young, himself. So, I do concede that he never should have been a Police Officer, not at 19. However, it doesn’t take away from the point of this post, at all.

It is good that we, as well as FreeSpeech captured what he said originally, or people might not know what an ass this guy really is.

What was in that spot? What we showed above:

As far as I’m concerned, these kids got what was coming to them. I’m just sorry that the young man that did this, had to die after a shootout with the Police. He should have just surrendered to the Police. With the Liberal society we live in, if he had surrendered, He would have just gotten life in prison. and being a police officer, he would have been well taken care off and kept away from the general prison population.

So, he removed it because it was over the top? Yet he wrote it and now has removed it... another act of a coward.

Free Speech goes on to spank little Chuckie some more as well as point out Chuckie boys hypocrisy:

In his retraction he states that he now knows, “That true free speech is not appreciated in America, unless it fits into someone’s Political Ideology. You know, it’s funny, Right wing gas bag [sic], Ann Coulter & Bill O’Reilly can say stuff like this, and nobody cares.”

Too bad, Charlie. What you should have learned is that in a truly free society, speech does not occur in a vacuum. When you voice an opinion in a free society, prepare to defend it from those who oppose it. With words. From what planet did he descend to earth that he can say with a straight face that “nobody cares” what Ann Coulter or Bill O’Reilly says?

I’ve never seen Ann Coulter or Bill O’Reilly run away from an opinion, so his comparison of himself to either of them is laughable.

And does Chuck see at all the irony of complaining about the absence of speech freedom in this country while he defends a cop for shooting a room full of kids over an alleged verbal insult? What of their freedom of speech? What of the 14 year-old ex-girlfriend’s right to say “no” to her ADULT ex-boyfriend? He could have chosen to turn the other cheek and prove he wasn’t a disgusting pig, but instead he shot them proving he was just another punk with a grudge.

Bottom line, this jagoff, Adkins, claims that "his" free speech is not appreciated at the same time as believing, as he stated above, then erased, that the childrens free speech makes them deserving of being shot to death.

Can anyone say..... HYPOCRITE?

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