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Thursday, October 11, 2007

God Allowed on Flag Certificate After Pelsoi Defends NOT having it there

Background found at Miss Beth's Victory Dance.

The original story was that 17-year-old Andrew Larochelle of Dayton, Ohio,was surprised when his personal inscription for the certificate was censored because he had the word God on it.

"In honor of my grandfather Marcel Larochelle, and his dedication and love of God, country and family."

The flag flew on Sept. 11, Marcel Larochelle's birthday. But when Andrew finally received the flag in the mail on Sept. 30, "God" was taken out of his note.

"I was shocked that the word 'God' would be taken off a personal message from my son to his grandfather," Andrew's father, Paul Larochelle, told FOX News.

The denial was from the acting Architect of the Capitol, Stephen T. Ayers because AoC rules do not allow religious expressions on flag certificates.

Enter Nancy Pelosi who defended the rule of not allowing the word "God" on the certificate.

House Republicans banded together and had a few things to say about that.

Over 160 Republican supporters joined in and signed that letter to Pelosi, according to The Swamp.

Congressman and Republican Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo joined other members of the House and challenged Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi to end the Architect of the Capitol’s censorship the word God on flag certificates.

Tancredo is calling for an end to the censorship of the word God on flag certificates which are paid for by individual citizens when they choose a message to appear on the certificates.

The Architect of the Capitol’s office is responsible for flying American flags over the Capitol building and printing flag certificates.

Turner and other House Republicans complained that the Capitol has many religious expressions and Congress begins each day with a prayer. They also noted that the message wasn't written by Congress but by one private citizen to another private citizen.

"This practice, which overturns a longstanding and long-cherished congressional tradition, has rightly drawn outrage from the American people, who have grown weary of endless attempts by politicians and bureaucrats to bar the word God and even the most tacit references to faith from our public institutions," House Minority Leader John Boehner wrote in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday. (Source)

Today we see those rules have been changed and no God can be on the certificates.

WASHINGTON --While the war, immigration and federal spending priorities defy solutions, conservative lawmakers claimed victory Thursday on one front:

They've compelled the architect of the U.S. Capitol to reverse a ban on using the word ''God'' in the framed certificates that mark honorary American flags flown over the Capitol.

''Today, we won a great victory for American traditions, religious freedoms and freedom of expression,'' said Rep. Michael Turner, a Ohio Republican.

Turner and 160 fellow lawmakers demanded that the ban be lifted in a letter Turner sent to Stephen T. Ayers, acting architect of the Capitol.

''When one of our services or policies doesn't effectively serve members of Congress or the American public, it needs to be changed immediately,'' Ayers said in a statement.

The protest started when ''God'' was left out of a certificate that Ohio teenager Andrew Larochelle, an Eagle Scout, received commemorating a flag flown in honor of his grandfather, Army veteran Marcel Larochelle.

'Removing `God' out of that certificate was removing a major piece of what my dad stands for,'' Paul Larochelle, Andrew's father, said in an interview Thursday from Dayton. ``We're delighted they're going to do what's right.''

Nancy dear, understanding that this could become another gaffe on her part, very quickly, suddenly changes her mind and I hear her on the news saying, it is not their place to censor as she worked behind the scenes to get this settled before it blew up in her face.

Talk about Flip Flopping.

A ridiculous situation over a ridiculous issue that never should have come up. A kid wants to honor his Grandfather and use the word God? That should never have been denied.

Nancy Pelosi should never have opened her mouth to defend such idiocy, just to turn around and flip flop, that only makes her look foolish. Something that she is very good at doing these days.

There is our ridiculous item of the day folks.

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