Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whistleblower: Coverup Happening Now! Files Being Moved, Names Changed & More

By Susan Duclos

 InfoWars SSG Joe Briggs interviews a Veteran Affairs whistleblower that believes Americans need to know what is going on in the VA hospitals across America as he describes the mad dash cover up occurring right now as well as the atrocious conditions and care, death panels and more that initially caused the scandal to explode when the secret VA death list was exposed recently.

 According to this whistleblower, a general statement was given to employees, including him, saying "Do you see what happens to people who try to get this straight -- They are no longer here."

 This source describes the long lines to get veterans' seen in the hospital and the "dog and pony" show to get them in. He speaks of the suicides and how patients are lost, literally, where staff cannot find them, how names are being changed on records and most importantly, there is a race to move the hospital records to rooms that are not used to avoid investigators getting their hands on them.

 The interview below absolutely must be seen!