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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Network Solutions Starts Suspending DNS Services On Hizbullah Sites

The ramifications of the pre-censorship actions of Network Solutions against Geert Wilders before he was able to publish his highly controversial short film, have been severe in more ways than one.

In previous pieces we explained what Network Solutions did to stifle Wilders' freedom of speech, then we showed the backlash that hit them as complaints started pouring as well as customers that started canceling Network Solution services.

It didn't stop there though, hat tip to Kafir from the Jawa Report for leaving a comment on one of our previous pieces, which led me to see what else has been happening.

Bloggers started mentioning that Network Solutions were providing services to Hizbullah sites. Hizbullah was designated a terrorist organization by Executive Order 13224 and any US company that provides goods/services even for free to any specially designated terrorist group can be fined $250000 under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

Those complaints against Network Solution led to them shutting down the site as well as multiple others as listed by Jawa.

The following URLs were also PWNED as of this posting!

Network Solutions has opened up a few cans of worms here and the backlash has only begun.

Go to The Jawa Report to see what other terrorists organizations are having services hosted by Network Solutions.

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