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Saturday, September 07, 2013

G20: The End Of Washington's Dominance - Obama The War Criminal Next? (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Not only has Barack Obama resorted to begging America to let him bomb Syria, but his weakness has left pundits talking about how the G20 Summit marks the end of Washington's era of dominance, as will be seen in the video below.

The House and perhaps the Senate, since recent reports show that Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is looking at double-digit losses in Democratic votes on a proposal to strike Syria as Obama wants to do, are likely to humiliate Obama by refusing to give him the approval and authorization.

If he goes, he goes it alone with no support from Americans, and minority support in Congress.

Make no mistake, despite Obama's claims to the contrary, if he bombs Syria with no congressional approval, it is illegal. If he bombs Syria with no UN Security Council approval it is illegal in the eyes of International law.

Without those approvals, if even one innocent Syrian dies as a result of Obama's military actions, Obama should be tried as a war criminal.

As the video below discusses, Obama is isolated in the international community and just as isolated here in the U.S. as even his most diehard liberal supporters have turned against him.

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